Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Is, Is not

This is part of what I mean in my blog when I quote the song from Wet Wet Wet.'I
see it all around me, in everything'. Raindrops, clouds, leaves on trees,blades of
grass, snowflakes, people (especially children)..everything. The message is in
everything we behold. The uniqueness of it all. The individuality of it all. The
extreme magnificence of it all. It all speaks to me, all the time when I choose to
be consciously aware of shouts to me of the limitlessness of Love.
Unconditional! Many 'religious' cultures have honoured this reality,especially
the N.American Indian cultures. All was/is a manifestation of Great Spirit (God).

Mankind's humanenting habit, one that is essentially born out of a desire to control
others and gain some 'illusory power' over them and thus be 'superior' to others,
gives birth to a belief (an abstract term) that Great Spirit can somehow lose in a
battle for the hearts of mankind. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

That there is somehow some great battle involving humankind between devlish
forces and God's forces..and that God might lose. ha Ha Ha HaHa Ha Ha.

Great Spirit is mankind!
Great Spirit is the limitless expressioning and experiencing of unconditional love,
in and through every (every, the so called negative as well as positive polarities)
aspect of existence/creation.

Doctrinalists cannot have it both ways:
God is either all powerful,or is not.
God is either all present, or is not.
God is either all-loving, or is not.
If God is, then God is everything!
If God is everything then we, each one, are a part of God.

What a silliness to think that Great Spirit fights against himself/herself/itself....and
can lose the battle. Ha Ha Ha Ha HaHa Ha ....of all the most absurd notions invented
in the mind/intellect of humanity, this has got to be the most schizophrenic and
absurd in this day and age.

Maybe in previous ages such 'conception cartoons' served a purpose of 'education',
or were a vehicle of moral precepts, but in this age such concepts simply become
prisons of conformity ruled by jailers whose programme is more that of punishment
than one of love.

Great Spirit knows the outcome of all the 'metaphors of relativity'. Great Spirit
desires to experience the wholeness and does so, amongst other ways,through the
'process of the pathway' of each individualised part ofhimself/herself/itself - in full
knowledge and awareness of the destination of the pathway.

No matter how many detours, all spiritual pathways,all spirit energy pathways, lead
back to their source.

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