Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The reflected crow.
As a matter of habit it seems that most of us tend to regard a problem as a
challenge,something to be overcome, resolved,explained.This aproach
has been a great spur to the progress of humanity - well at least the
inquisitiveness of scientists in their desire to comprehend has been
a boon to the improvement of the human condition.

When it comes to spiritual issues,however, it seems clear that the use
of formulae and theoretical objectivity are not as successful in resolving
the issues.Possibly this is the result of the inability to actually be objective,
huh? For, as has been adequately demonstrated by modern neuro-science,
our 'logical cortexes' only start to work after - note after - the amygdala
'intuitive reaction' centre of our brain has already effected action.

In other words, we seem to act/react first and then seek explanations of
our behaviour through the proceses of the logical cortexes of the brain.

Hmmmm....this would seem to suggest,then,that our ability to even
comprehend the existence of a 'problem' (spiritually speaking) is a logical
cortex function. We have already intuitively reacted to, or formed opinions
about,or acted upon,any and every circumstance with which we meet before
we have proffered a 'logical acceptance stance'.

In terms of spirituality, therefore, it would seem that it is the function of our
'thinking brain' to isolate a situation as being problematic - even though we
have already experienced the situation and reacted to it.. Now there's a bold
assertion, huh?

But, think about it. How can we perceive there is a problem at all, if something
inside us is not aware of an experiential comprehension?

It is my assertion, my belief, my feeling that spiritual 'problems' are no more
and no less than our logical cortexes attempting to provide our conscious mind
with an acceptable explanation to something we know has occurred but which
we have difficulty in framing within a 'conditioned reflex' parameter.

In other words, in relation to spiritual matters,we already know the answer.
We must do in order to perceive there is a problem.

The problem is that of accepting, logically,emotionally, the answer that we
already know.In this sense we can deduce that in order to pose the problem
we are aware of the variables and in posing the problem seek a resolution
of those variables.

In other words, a problem is a solution awaiting it's time of birth in our
consciousness. We simply require to cloth it in an acceptable and
recognisable form.That is the problem our cortexes struggle with.....finding
a way to accept what we already know.

But then, you already knew this, didn't you,hehehehehe.

Becoming your future self is not a problem of a problem...but an issue
of acceptance of who you really are and choose to be.

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