Thursday, February 05, 2009

the gates to practical compassion

This blog comes to you courtesy of an incredible human tool,an advancement in human progress that I believe is without parallel in human history.

The internet

This also functions for many people with the aid of Microsoft products,which also produce amazing love/hate reactions with some people. Not me I hasten to add.

So a thought to bear in mind about the monolithic Microsoft org is that it's joint founder,Bill Gates and his wife,who run the Gates Foundation, not only made a lot of money from their business endeavours but are now in a scenario that causes them to share their wealth.

Despite the world economic downturn the Gates Foundation is budgeted to spend/allocate $3.8 Billion in this current year in fighting such diseases as malaria.

They are not the only wealthy philanthropists to share their good or well-made fortunes in helping humanity.

We don't have to be rich to share what we have and it's an interesting observation that we all have a compulsion to help others.


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