Tuesday, May 05, 2009

chaos theory in religion

I am always fascinated by the ability of the human mind to pole-vault the obvious in favour of the obnoxious.

Take, for example, the creation stories that are fundamental to Middle Eastern originated religions. In the first place ‘God creates…and it is good”

Then along comes another story,added later , which becomes a judgmentalists heaven, full of implications about human failings and such stuff.

And – amazingly – the obvious contradiction that ‘all is not good’, or the assumption that Man can defy God (thus creating a far lesser God), doesn’t seem to arise in the consciousness of  so-called ‘dedicated followers

Thus have such intellectual athletics developed and promoted the ‘chaos theory of religious understanding’.  This theory postulates that there can be no other truth in the universe beyond that which they themselves are willing to accept and promote.



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