Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Balance in Middle East PR

Like many people of my generation who grew up with films like ‘Cast a giant shadow’  and the images of concentration camps (I remember being only about 9 years old when I saw my first – and still don’t understand) – like many people my ‘sideline support’ for the State of Israel has waned in the face of the Palestinian tragedy.

The State of Israel,as a political institution, has bankrupted Judaism as a faith of honour – in much the same way as jihadism and Imman silence has bankrupted Islam. I am deeply indebted,therefore, to Andre Aciman for his article which presents some interesting FACTS about the ‘other side of this PR coin’.

If you want some balance in the equation about injustices visited upon the long suffering peoples of the MIddle East (usually in the name of some religion or other) – then take a good read of this

The Exodus Obama Forgot to Mention



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