Friday, June 19, 2009

personal or national

“In retrospect, all revolutions seem inevitable. Beforehand, all revolutions seem impossible.”      Michael McFaul

Iran2009-06-15_214636 photo courtesy of Huffington Post

It is always interesting to watch massive movements of public opinion,political activism,religious fervour. To be a bystander of events that herald massive change, a quantum shift in the perceptions. Of course, it's always easier to opinionate on circumstances in which we are not directly involved.

Much harder to apply Michael McFaul's words on a personal basis.

Or is it?

Consider all the events in your life experiencing that you had one time thought totally impossible and yet which turned out to be absolutely inevitable.

Then,if I may respectfully suggest, consider this:

the reality of One-ness,all of us and everything being directly interconnected, may seem wholly impossible to you at this time.Yet a small shift in perception will demonstrate the inevitability of this reality.


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