Monday, July 13, 2009

Geoff's Eulogy

Oh, you seem so sad.


After all we have discussed I find you looking down upon the ground

as though it was me down there.

I am up here.Here! I am dancing with the dust specks in the air waiting for the Dougaldog to come and change our rhythm.

I had thought that by now you would have come to the realisation that energy,especially spirit energy and more especially the energy of lovingness, never dies. It travels on.It transforms.It transmutes. I am already in the process of another pathway plan,one that will allow me to return to this most pleasurable cycle of experiencing. This next time I will have my snowboard and will go swishing happily down white clad mountainsides. For it is the nature of unconditional lovingness to permit us all that is within our creative energy comprehension in any of our earth- life walks.

What you are looking at upon the ground is simply the clothing that I wore.No less,no more. Clothing that permitted me to be in this metaphor you call existence. Clothing that allowed your senses to perceive me and consequently generate our dialogue.

It was my label.It was not me for I,and you,are much much more than the dusted labels of relativity. For a while we wear the label so that we may experience that which we truly are,in as many potential permutations as we are able within the framework of our chosen life pathway. I am sure you have understood by now that knowing something is not the same as experiencing it.

Dear and treasured One, we will walk together again as we have have done for thousands of years.We will talk together again as we have done from the beginning of time. We are not parting we are simply re-inventing new methodologies of experiencing who we truly are.

There is nowhere for us to go,for we are the Oneness. We neither come from it,nor return to it.

Oneness is omnipresent.All,all is the Oneness. There is nothing beyond the Oneness for it is...for it is.

Yet, the pain in your heart is counterpointed by the joy in mine. That you can have loved me so preciously is a bliss of self-realisation for us both as we have journeyed along this pathway together.

What a truly magnificent,wonderful paradise of experiencing this has all been.

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