Thursday, September 23, 2010

we are climbing…

"There are in all religions essentially only 3 types of persons:

1. Those who always look to others to tell them the words. Studying the words themselves
implies too much effort. For these any 'confrontation with a Godly presence is emotionally satisfying but is often regarded as a mere coincidence'.

2. Those who study and know the words.  Intellectually. They are 'libraries of knowledge' able, at any moment, to recite an appropriate verse or text. For them such studies are emotionally rewarding and intellectually appealing, whilst hiding in the thoughts of others they have no need to deal with real spiritual  life situations or with themselves. They are exceptionally skilled at steering group 1.

3. Those who have gone beyond the words, the metaphors, the traditions and whose hearts have welcomed the deepest meaning of the words. For these 'the word has become flesh' These are easily recognisable, for they speak little with words. Their loving eyes shout their awareness of one-ness. Their compassionate actions (without requiring 3rd party recognition or reward) manifest a living faith and a loving religion. Their example, once observed, does not seek to lead others, yet in the beauty of it's lovingness others  awaken to their own beauty.

Yet all have their unique and precious place within the totality of one-ness. Each 'group' helps  us  to 'know and love ourselves and thus know and love all others'...and those 'steps of understanding' are the stairway to heaven".


heaven ladder

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