Friday, October 01, 2010

Ayodhya- the new word for SHAME

A secular court has now made a judgement about this disputed 'holy' site.

In essence the three protagonist parties will share the site.

Once again we see secular society teaching ethics and morality to 'old religions'.

If only these 'religious' participants could have embraced 'One-ness' and come to the decision to share the site themselves.

What difference would it have made?

2,000 lives difference!

There is nothing 'holy' about a 'religious' site that has claimed 2,000 lives upon the altar of hate!

Here is what was said on this blog on 5th March 2002……. read Afsana's story, a 15 year old. Read it and marvel, as I do, at such lovingness from a child.

It were better if all three of the protagonists 'religions'  in this case agreed to utilise the disputed land to erect a memorial to all those who died – and spent the rest of their lives praying daily there for the souls of the murdered innocents.


Ayodhya is the Indian word for 'shame'….if it wasn't before, it is now!

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