Monday, September 24, 2001

Sunday 23rd September 2001 23-50 CET
The dust blocked out the sun it was reported. It rained dust on normality.
This was the dust of death. This was not Hiroshima or Nagasaki, for those
events belong, thankfully, to another age and a different comprehension.

The sounds of differing traditions, alternative cultures, harmonised in
a prayer for those whose lives had been taken, or whose lives had
been unimaginably changed.

Though they were labelled by many as 'muslim extremists/terrorists',
though the Koran condemns their actions, though the civilised world
renounces their motivations......nowhere was it more strongly, directly
crystallised than before the mourning throng in New York today:

"People rose to their feet when Imam Izak-El Pasha pleaded for tolerance.

"We Muslims, Americans, stand today with a heavy weight on our shoulders
that those who would dare do such dastardly acts claim our faith," he said.

"They are no believers in God at all."

The crowd respectfully observed the varying religious traditions and
representatives who joined in sincere prayer.

From the ashes of terrorism rose the phoenix of expressed faith.

"One-ness is Divinity"

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