Wednesday, September 26, 2001

Tuesday 25th September 2001 23-50 CET
Yesterday I travelled to Oslo, a journey of a couple of hours. It was
bright sunshine and the journey through the resplendant autumn colours
was a most pleasant experience.

Farmers were busier than I'd ever seen them before...I suppose the sun
and dry days are naturally important..."make hay while the sun shines".
It was clear that farmers had carpetted a great deal of the countryside
with that 'crew cut look' which textured the land and made a stunning
'counterpoint' to the naturalness of the forests and unused land.

Now I am back in Sweden awaiting, this evening, a forecasted brilliant
show of 'Northern Lights' (Aurora Borealis) which has also often
been a source of considerable pleasure and wonder.

In this 'normality' I seem to be light years away from the suffering
of so many others in this world: those so impoverished that they
have not even a decent supply of clean water: others for whom
food is an absolute luxury: those who live in fear of oppression,
whether political, religious or simply 'blind hatred'

Perhaps an appreciation of what we have, what we can enjoy,
can also serve as a motivation to share it!

Whilst it is right that nations defend their citizens, is it not
also amazing that such tragedies/crises as we have recently
witnessed seem able to motivate in a way nothing else can?
The figures of money I see/hear talked about for space
exploration, defense expenditures...attack budgets....
such a small percentage of these used to improve the lot
of a disproportinately higher number of 'have nots' (food/water)
may well prove to be the best investment against terrorism.

Ah, but these are naive ideals, huh?
Well, perhaps nowadays they are not so naive, and perhaps
the recognition of the interdependence of humanity resulting
from the dramatic increase of communication in the last 30 years,
perhaps these factors recreate a potential for 'Paradise realised'
here on earth.

Perhaps being 'light years away' is of no consequence when LOVE
is not bound by space or time. Especailly when LOVE is truly

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