Sunday, September 30, 2001

Sunday 30th September 2001 12-00 CET
Uh-Oh, pc down!
Amazing! Despite obtaining the latest anti-virus prog and a
whole new backup sys, my main PC is down! It appears to
be, from the symptoms, a virus and a particularly nasty one.

I take all the precautions: I don't open mail enclosures from
people I don't know, I have 'live av prog' that intercepts all
internet incoming data and checks it, firewalls to block
scripts unless I choose to accept them.....and now it looks
like 8 gig of accumulated data will disappear!

I have cd backups of the most important stuff..but it's the
extra work and inconvenience of it all that is a nuisance.
Thank goodness for my 'old machine' that at least ,so far,
allows me some communication.

So, find the blessing in this then, huh? Hmmm.....well I did
have a lot of 'old stuff' in my pc, so now if I must rebuild the
HDD I can have a really good sort out - only re-installing that
which is important.

Strange isn't it, how a 'personal catastrophe' (and living where
I live, loving my pc like I love it, it is a personal catastrophe when
such a problem hits), concentrates the mind and heart on what is
really important?

It's not exactly that all my data has disappeared forever, it's more
that I have to find a way to access it. A way to communicate with
it. Rediscover a methodology of inter-action.

Now that sounds a little bit like quite a few spiritual concepts,
huh? Like, since we are spiritual beings then we know all there
is to know - in spiritual terms. We just have to find the methodology
of inter-action between our 'life experiencing self' and our 'spiritual
awareness self'.

As with my old PC, we can find many insights in many of the
'old truths' - without the necessity to be 'old' in our thinking and
lovingness. Huh?

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