Friday, November 16, 2001

Friday 16th November 2001 13-30 CET
Do u c?
I have a friend, in his mid-fifties, who has recently become an
SMS convert. Yep, he got a mobile phone! Considering he
doesn't have a computer, fights with his infra-red control for
dominance of a tv channel and has only in this last year qualified
as capable of effectively using a vcr....hehehehe....such an action
as mobile phone text messaging represents a quantum leap in
his technological progress, hehehehe. He's a lovely guy though
and would help anyone, anytime :):)

Like many people he has begun to experience the frustration
of 'learning a new language', the kind of "i c u 2, focl", stuff
of condensed messaging. He has also discovered that this can
lead to great misunderstandings,for well intentioned messages
can easily be misunderstood/misinterpreted.

In terms of religions, doesn't that sound familiar?

Language, words, are simply symbols that clothe communications
of concepts, ideas, wants, needs. For example, the word 'love'
has come to be interpreted (depending upon your standpoint)
as anything between lust, caring, discipline, control,...and so on.
A word can only be truly understood if we take care to appreciate
the context in which it is used;the historical meaning at it's time
of useage; the intellectual, psychological and emotional
circumstances of it's use.

Those who would defend 'tradition' in religion would be well
advised to seek a better comprehension of the historical useage
and context of a phrase before attempting to use it as a weapon
against those not persuaded of the same 'religious concept'.

Never in the history of mankind has there been such a torrent
of words as we see today, nor have the meanings of words been
so devalued, abused, misused, huh? From soap powder to
religious conversion....NEW.....has been utilised to
symbolise some dramatic improvement. Whenever we see
this word 'new' I feel that most of us adopt a cynical posture,
for the word has degraded in it's meaning, huh?

In fact any word is a subjective symbol, for the interpretation
of it's meaning is entirely dependent upon the viewers/listeners
personal experiences. Words are, in fact, a very poor methodology
of communication. Well it was written that 'actions speak louder
than words'.

So to those who wanted to know the meaning of 'ahimsa' (ito
blog 14th November) I would suggest a more objective approach
than simply relying upon my 'subjective comprehension'. If you
use any major search engine on the net, you will get results.
Choose the one that answers that which you seek. OK?

In the 'Oneness' that which is needful for each one of us to see,
to be aware of, always presents itself to us when we are
ready to welcome it. :):)

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