Thursday, November 15, 2001

Thursday 15th November 2001 16-30 CET
The enquiring spirit looks in all places for those 'coincidences', it is not
blinded by prejudice or intolerance, tradition or custom.
It recognises that as a diamond glistens in the light, so a truth is
reflected from many differing planes and levels. Such appears to be
the superstring-like activity of 'the Oneness'.

In this reality we call "the life experience'' there exists many apparently
differing religions. Within just one religion - take any of the major ones,
Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Bhuddism -we can find schism
and dissent, argument and disagreement, traditionalism and modernism.
In short, within any single religion there appears to exist a battleground
of one perception of a truth versus another perception of a truth. Little
wonder then that in attempts to unify an individual religion, attacks
against other religions occur. Create a 'common enemy' if you seek to
create a 'common cause'.

It is, in fact, these religious 'wars' and battles that have done much
to create the very opposite of what they should have created. If a
religious concept/belief breeds intolerance, if a religious concept/belief
breeds hatred, if a religious concept/belief breeds a lack of 'reverence for life' is fair comment to conclude that it has nothing whatsoever to do with
the UNCONDITIONAL lovingness that is the hallmark of the One God,
'The Oneness'.

Ok, so it's reasonable to conjecture that this WAS the case, mankind, after all,
is walking a pathway of progress and some would argue a pathway of gradual
revelation (not me). That which was has a relationship to that which is...this is
a basic fundamental concept to do with learning, study, the acquisition of
knowledge/qualification. The basic rules of mathematics, for example. The
rules of language, grammar, punctuation as another example. Yet, has
the science of mathematics stood still? Is language an immovable thing
that does not evolve, change, develop to suit the needs of each

It has been my experience...I would feel not mine alone....that awareness,
'super-consciousness', involvement in the 'Oneness' can neither be
learnt nor taught. It simply IS. It simply IS in each one of us - an
integral and indivisible aspect of our experiential existing. We know
it before we come to this 'experiential existing' and all these aspected
reflections are reminders, 'coincidences', re-awakenings, awarenesses,
stimulations to celebrate our uniqueness and the need for our uniqueness
within the 'lovingness' expressions of the 'Oneness'.

The 'nowness' of the 'Oneness' has never been dependant upon
pre-condition, qualification, knowledge of tradition...any more than
a perception of the diamond's bright shining was dependant upon the light
being the same today as it was yesterday!

Ain't that a truth? Whenever in your experiences has the daylight been
today exactly the same as it was yesterday, or one hour ago, or one
minute ago?

Let us beware that in our thirst for knowledge, in our ego-driven hunger
for 'understanding', in our vanity of comprehension of another person's
experiencing of the diamond's reflectivity.......that we do not become
blind to the awareness of the 'now', are not open to the interactivity
of 'the lovingness'.

If you can read it in a book...can you also see it in a raindrop?
If you can hear it in a speech....can you also hear it in the ant's heartbeat?

Can you feel that it is in the uniqueness of the 'ordinary' that
the extra-ordinary is found?

Always...and in all ways.

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