Tuesday, December 11, 2001

Tuesday 11th December 2001 02-00 CET
Go on, admit it, it's happened to you :) There you are in the middle
of a conversation with someone and...suddenly...out come some
words from your brain and mouth and you can see that the other
person is...hmmm..astounded?...hmmm..impressed?

You've had this happen, haven't you?

Only afterwards , when you think back on it, are you left with the
feeling "where did I get that from?. Did I really say that?". It's
even more amazing if you happen to be discussing 'spiritual
things', huh? Gems fall out of our consciosness sometimes
like it's raining wisdom and blessings...and we can't quite
figure out how that came to be in our mind/brain/consciousness
in the first place.

More often than not it's such a simple statement as well. Simple
to say but incredibly profound. I look at these blogs I write, talking
to this imaginary readership (I think there's probably 3 or 4 peeps
that occasionally read them, hehehe), and I find it difficult to really
believe I wrote them. I mean, I know I've typed them. I know I've 'blogged'
them...I am just not so sure where they really came from in the
first place. I've not exactly read a mountain of books, attended
a mass of seminars or satsangs, chased around eastern or westen
'centres of spirituality'...I mean I've never been to Risikesh or stuff
like that.

Oh, I've perhaps been to a bit more than Mr. Average...but even so
there's stuff here that I don't recognise from anywhere else....and
certainly don't recognise from within myself.

Now here's an interesting anomaly: when we fall in love we seem
to become a whole new person, huh? We grow in dimensions
that we never knew were possible. Love just simply seems to bring
out the best in us...a best we hardly seemed aware was there.
It's usually nothing like the fantasy we had, or the dream we
hoped. It's like there was this cocoon of self that suddenly
explodes into a butterfly of self-awareness.

Now, if the whole 'love/loving' experience of human relationships
can do this much for us....what do you think the unlimited,
unconditional lovingness of the 'Oneness' does for us... even
when we aren't conscious of it happening ?

I was chatting yesterday during a travelled visit...and out came
"Give out love and you get masses of love back..it's the
universal law. It's the Oneness". Ok, that I've heard before in
some form or another. What I got back though was a little
surprising. The other person said "you really know that, don't
you?" I just answered, like breathing, as naturally as breathing,
"Yes, I do."

Suddenly, like a magnificent sunrise, like a beautiful deep blue
butterfly fluttering to a gentle landing on the end of my nose----
suddenly, it hit me..."Yes, I do". That's exactly how I felt when I
said it..I did - do - know it, because I've experienced it.

So have you ! At first, because we can't rationalise it, control it
or make it do what we 'think' we want to do...we dismiss it.We
ignore it. We try to pretend it didn't really happen whilst all the time
knowing it WAS a part of our experiencing. So we keep denying
it until we almost believe our own denials....then...
it happens again, huh? hehehehehehehe
We say something, do something..even just think something....
and we can't understand where this came from.

Until...suddenly....we know.

The extraordinary hides in the ordinary.
We become 'extraordinary' when we are willing to see it :):)

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