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"All but the simplest kinds of plants and animals inherit two
sets of chromosomes (the diploid number) one set of each
chromosomes from each parent (the haploid number). In humans,
each somatic cell has a haploid set of 23 chromosomes from
each parent, 46 in total.The chromosomes in each set vary in
appearance.However, each has a homologous partner in the
other set, which resembles it in both appearance and genetic
characteristics. A given gene is found on only a particular
chromosome in each set. It's allele is on that chromosome's
homologue in the other set. The alleles are passed on to new cells
during mitosis, the division of somatic cells.
Mitosis takes place as soon as a sperm fertilises an egg.
It continues throughout the life of the organism.Prior to mitosis,
the cell chromosomes make exact copies of themselves. At this
point, twice the diploid number of chromosomes exist in the cell.
As mitosis proceeds, one set of the doubled chromosomes goes
into each of the two daughter cells. Each thus acquires a full
diploid set of chromosomes.The process is repeated again and
again as cells divide and the body grows". Compton's Encyclopedia.

That, I understand, is the 'chemistry' of it, 'it' being physical
individuality. However, as we know from modern neurology,
there's some energy/electricity/charged particles also involved
in this process - within this physical reality.

Many peeps consider the 'soul' or 'spirit' as resident within
the physical form. But, how about if it's the 'spirit energy'
that holds the physical form together from the outside?
How about your spirit is 'coagulated' around your body
and permeates the physical structures with it's energy?

Hmmm.. that would, at least, explain one simply childlike
thought which has always puzzled me, namely, since we
are (is it?) 80% water, how do we stand up? hehehehe

So,at the moment of physical 'conception' the 'spirit energy'
enters into the chemically constructed form. The energy
continues to empower and motivate the mitosis process
of 'real-isation into the physical' as we develop and grow,
additionally surrounding us with an 'energy field'. Some
refer to this as an 'aura'.
As we age, so more of our spiritual energy is displaced
to those around us, interacting within the spiritual
reality that is constrained within the physical reality we
call 'life on earth'. Utilised in the changing of
concept into experience, of theory into practice.
As more spiritual energy is displaced in living,
loving...or even hating...or protecting as
is required within this physical reality, so less is
dedicated to the maintenance of our own physical form.
The body ages. The billions of mitosis formed cells
that have continually and regularly been replaced throughout
our earthly life, start to deteriorate. The 'process' becomes
less empowered with the 'spiritual energy' as that energy
more and more impacts upon the 'surrounding reality'.
We age, we fall ill, we 'die' a physical form, a physical,
chemical construction.
Yet, all of this construction was energised from a
'spiritual source'. All of that lovingness was energised,
brought into physical reality, by a spirit energy that...
wait for it...cannot....cannot be destroyed! Dust returns to
dust, yet energy travels on. Energy can be absorbed,
but absorption is only a transmutation, an alternative
useage of energy.
Physical death is not an ending of the energy, simply
a 'transforming', changing, of the expression or useage
of that energy within this, or another, reality.

Now, hopefully, two things will have become apparent
from the foregoing:
1. Such a system of 'self-creation' is incredibly two the same! (if this applies
physically, don't you also think/feel it applies
2. Such an 'energy expressiveness' is infinite,
it does not end.

Every year the leaves come on the trees. Every
year there are not two trees, not two leaves, the same.
Even when a leaf looks identical to another, it hangs
in a different place on the senses this reality
differently (whether the sunshine or the rain or the
wind). The process repeats, again and again,
continually expressing the infinity of permutations.

There is room, space, possibility for everything
within the 'Oneness'. Nothing is conditional
upon another thing: there are general rules
to the process within each reality, but all
negatives have a corresponding positive.
So, whether you are 'Big Banged', 'Superstringed',
or simply 'accepting' of the scenario.....
there is one conundrum within it all -
UNconditional is what it means. No limits.
No restrictions. No borders. Other than those
that are required to function within a 'physical
process. So why try to set rules that govern the

Unconditional love is the highest form of
'Spiritual energy', and has no choice - nor
desires any other choice - than simply the
expression of it's lovingness in every possible
mutation. Some call this 'God', some call it
"The Oneness". We are all, mitosis-like,
an aspect, an expression of that lovingness:
a cell within the body of 'The Oneness'.

When someone we love dies ( that is, when
they cease to be within this chemical physical
reality), we are still within this physical
expressiveness and (naturally) we miss the
'mechanisms of this process'. We miss
touching them, seeing them in physical form,
sensing their expressiveness within this
physical reality.

But, we stop loving them? Do we
stop sensing them within our spiritual
energy? Are we not always exposed to
the energy of their lovingness...and they
to ours?

To transmute = to change the form or nature
or substance of, convert into something
To die = to change the form or nature
or substance of, convert into something

If we choose to define 'The Oneness' as
eternal, everlasting, infinite.....then so are
we in terms of our 'spirit energy', for it is
'superstringed' from the same source.
We are an individualised,
precious and essential,
particle charged with that same energy.

Being 'aware' is not simply knowing who,
or what, 'The Oneness' is....
it is also knowing who you really are :):)

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