Wednesday, March 13, 2002

Wednesday 13th March 2002 15-00 CET
FAQ - 01 appears yesterdays blog has created a little
'wave' of curiosity amongst the two readers, hehehe.

So, here goes with a little FAQ.

1. Why are you so 'anti' religious institutions?

Generally speaking because they deny or deprive
the individual of the God given birthright of free
will by insinuating a degree of 'punishment
orientated control'. The concepts of 'sin, guilt
and punishment' are not valid within a reality
of unconditional love. Or they seek to marginalise
the 'experiencing of the life reality' by infusing
a 'detachment dimension'.
The purpose of this life's walk is, to me, to
experience in a reality what we already know
as a concept.
Religious institutions, generally, seek to control
this experiencing and channel it within their
own perceptions/old dogmas/old doctrines.
I see nothing in this life
that is not uniquely individual; flowers, trees,
animals,birds,mountains,seas, etc.etc. Ergo,
that which seeks to 'conform' you to a
controlled or controllable pattern, whose template
is financial or egotistical, is not from the

2. What do you mean about Christ's words
upon the cross from Psalm 22 in yesterday's blog?

Read it!!!
Does Psalm 22 sound to you like a defeated
rejected servant?
Sounds more to me like a victory cry. Like
a 'I'm on the winning team' kind of statement.

So why, ask yourself, have centuries of
theologians and clerics withheld, or at least not
advertised, that concept from the ordinary people
preferring instead to use the quotation as a
'guilt inspiring mechanism?
In the time of Christ's earthly revelation, most
peeps couldn't read and write. The devout
memorised passages of scripture. Christ was
seen, understood, to be a Rabbi. He was, after
all, even as a child to be found in the temple
discussing theology with the learned clerics, huh?
Rabbis just quoted the opening words of a passage
and most peeps knew the rest of it.

Two centuries ago, not many peeps could read and
write in the world. Now many can....but don't even
study the 'Holy Books' with an open mind. If we study
the books, it's usually to 'justify' a position we have
already assumed (or have been indoctrinated with), huh?

So, as referenced in question 1: if you wanna accept all
this sin/guilt/punishment based control hype...then Christ's
words from Psalm 22 are just right for you as they are
generally also can go
to hell after death - where God isn't, huh? Even though
God is all powerful and Omnipresent, huh? Even though
God is all loving - unconditionally loving (for any less a
definition of God is a lesser God, huh?).

If, however, you want to see Christ's use of Psalm 22
as a means of telling us that even death, even
wrongful condemnation, cannot seperate us from
God's lovingness...which will reign supreme...then,
then my friends, then.....
what the hell can you do when after all your
so called 'sinfulness', all your hatred, all your apathy,
all your doubt, all your distrust, all your ingratitude,
all your disbelief...when you've used up all of the
negatives you can find, and God STILL loves you..
no conditions....what's left but to love in return?
Love yourself, love your neighbour, love God.
The trinity! Love you, love you in your neighbour,
love God in you ethnicity here, or
intolerance, or's called 'The Oneness'

God's love, however you wish to define the One God,
is indivisible, cannot be parted from
the whole. You, your neighbour, everyone, all of us..
we also are a part of the 'whole'. For God not to love
you, whoever and whatever you are, is for God not
to love himself/herself/itself. You are an aspect of
the 'lovingness', a dazzling sunbeam from the
One Sun, a spiritual mitosis-superstringed-dna
stranded essence of the lovingness, the unconditional
lovingness that is, IS, the One God.

3. Are you teaching us something?

What is there for lil ol me to teach you that
you don't already know, spiritually? We know the
same - no hierarchy of qualifications - for we
are from the same source.
No, I can teach you nothing.
Nothing I can say means anything.....unless,
unless you already hold that truth within you.
Then, and only then, do you recognise it.

I can teach you nothing. But, we can remind
each other of exactly who..and what..we
truly are, huh? All of us. ALL of us.

Kill another, in thought, word or deed..
and you kill a part of yourself.
Deny another your love, help, compassion..
and you also deny it to yourself.

It's called "The Oneness".
The One God.

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