Friday, March 18, 2005

Coded keys.
Some people seem to get a little confused when I talk about us 'knowing all there

is to know'. So I clearly have to differentiate between the spiritual and the 'temporal'.

When we, eternal spirits, enter into the 'metaphors of relativity' that we call life on

earth there are some 'mechanics' we need to understand before we can effectively
exist on earth.Does a spirit energy need to breath? Yet, here on earth our autonomic
neuron-empowered reflexes within the cellular structure we call our 'body' do just that.
We don't have to 'think' about it.The same with every vital organ in our body. The
mechanics of existing in a human body, for the most part, occur fairly automatically.

We need to provide the cellular fuels (food and liquid) to maintain the system or

degenerate the system (Edgar Cayce said 'we are what we eat') and, of course, there
are many stimuli we can involve ourselves with that express - and permit us to celebrate
-the magnificence of the structure we call our body. Not a lot to learn here except,
perhaps, to listen to what our cells tell us is acceptable treatment for this wonderful
mechanism. I don't need to know all about a car in order to enjoy a journey, huh?

Intellectually there is much for us to learn, much knowledge of a fascinating nature,

that speaks to us about the utter splendour of these 'metaphors of experiencing' that
are the polarities of human existence. Included in this category are all the millenia of
experiential conclusions which have been reached by 'thoughtful souls' about the
meanings of existence, who I am,what am I doing here, is there a God, do I have a
relationship with a Supreme Being, who created all this, etc.etc.etc. Let us remember,
however, when assimilating that knowledge that their experience, as is ours, was unique.
Experiencing, like the weather,is a condition of constant movement and change.

Now we return to the WYSIWYG -or what I call the 'what you sense is what you get'

formula, for the comprehensions that result in the 'answers' to the profound questions of
religion/eschatology depends upon what you wish to see or experience.

Since you know all the spiritual 'answers' how can you choose to experience them,

feel them, touch them - unless through that mechanism that I refer to as 'the process
of the pathway'. The metaphors of relativity allow us to experience every aspect of
unconditional love. This includes the opposites of unconditional love, or the 'perceived
absence' of unconditional love. It is not simply in the 'positive charged' energies of
relativity that we may experience a thing. This is the metaphorical symbolism of the
Adam and Eve story - a thing is either this or that or between this and that. Relativity
was Adam and Eve's 'gift to world'.Before this there had only been the realm of absolutes.
The 'forbidden fruit' could not have been forbidden in the realm of absolute unconditional
love. It is a metaphor for relativity without which we could not feel/experience that which
we know.

The key to awareness, enlightenment, is surely to accept -in your deepest sensing -

that in every single life experience is encoded a blessing of inner-awareness. If you
choose to see through,into, the metaphors of relativity you will always hear your 'inner
voice' telling you of the blessing. You hold your own key to this door.It's a unique key,
no-one else has a key the same. Your mind, your emotions, are a repository of other
people's keys.You've been collecting them all your life because your were told,influenced,
indoctrinated, to believe that those keys unlocked the secret vaults of enlightenment and
happiness and that this you had to learn to exist within this life. Funny how you keep
discovering that someone else's key does not unlock the inner you, huh?

Maybe we do need to consciously see the blessings within the'process of the pathway',

but we do not have to learn how to see.Spiritually we all have 'in-sight'. Just turn your
own key and release the real you. You know what's in there,but you also understand
your desire to experience what you know, huh? That is precisely what you are doing
at this very moment.

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