Wednesday, March 16, 2005

It was something Goerbels understood, and many 'politicians' since him.
It's something many 'religious leaders' understand.
It's something that, thanks to BLOGS which are revolutionising communication
for everyone can be a 'broadcaster' to a mass audience now, everyone of us can

The power of words to affect our lives, our judgements, our perceptions is

immense and yet, when it involves some of our deepest feelings and hopes
we become 'lost for words', hehehe.

The spoken word is one of the easiest forms of kinetic energy for us to

see/hear/sense. Say something bad about someone and see how quickly there
is energised a reaction within the group of listeners - or from the person themselves
to whom your words referred. See how the 'electricity of that energy' bounces
around your or their neurons like a pinball machine.

When translating St. John's gospel from the Greek (von Soden's text), James

Moffatt could find no effective word in the english language that had precisely the
same meaning and conveyed exactly the correct perception as the Greek word
'Logos' Logos means 'word',but it's meaning has the 'added value' of being an 'active
force'(kinetic energy) as opposed to a passive force (potential energy).

This, for any Christians,Jews or even Muslims reading this blog, is the meaning of

the 'creative word metaphor' that is used in the Book of Genesis, at the very beginning.
In order for us to fully understand what was written then we must also consider the
'energy' that impacted upon the society that read/heard it. Form Criticism and Higher
Criticism methodologies of interpretation must be applied for an adequate
understanding of meanings because words change in their energy potential and
effect throughout the ages. Indeed a similar 'creation story' can be found in many
different cultures around the globe. Spam, for me, was a kind of tinned luncheon meat,
hehehehe, now it devours my webmail and does so with considerable energy!?!

"It's only words', sang the Bee Gees and our pop music channels are filled with

them. To the credit of modern youth many of these 'song poems' are exceedingly
spiritual and express many of our innermost perceptions. Limp Biscuit have a ballad
'Behind Blue Eyes' that I especially like which speaks of 'my dreams are as empty as
my conscience seems to be". Anyone who has gone through a deep crisis can relate
to these words.An amazingly perceptive comment in this haunting song of dejection.

The ability of words to impact upon and influence a society is enormous.What we

say/write has an energy that goes out from us and can influence perceptions, if only
the perceptions of others about the speaker/writer.

When what we say has an energy source of love, we create - literally create

in the releasing of that energy - a loving effect.

The Dalai Lama understands this. Gandhi understood this. Mandella understands this.

In a world of words, over 5 million of them in the english language I understand, it's easy

for them to become devalued, or for them to be taken for granted. But even then,
occasionally, something someone says or writes 'energises our awareness'.
A butterfly of truth flaps it's wings and creates a storm of awareness, huh?

One of my favourites is the Chinese word for 'crisis', which according to JFK was

comprised of two symbols: the one symbol means danger and the other means
opportunity.Thus when we come into a 'crisis scenario' in life we can see precisely
what I meant when I talked about 'metaphors of experiencing'. There is the potential
for duality of energy in every word we speak and everything we experience - for
sometimes the 'metaphor of opposites' reveals something inside us.

The great souls (the mahatmas) know this and speak with the energy of love. For that is

a true reflection of their inner self, of the self they wish to manifest within this 'reality'

But then, love is only a word.........or is it?

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