Sunday, April 17, 2005

Pop songs and melodies

Whilst recently doing some building work at my home I was exposed
to the latest offerings in popular music offered by some of the younger
co-workers. Happily,I got ‘hooked' on quite a few (inside me somewhere
there is still a youth, hehehe).

Two songs that had a large effect (amongst many) on me were
Eamon's "I don't want you back' and F.R.David's "Words".
Both speak of being in love and yet speak from the opposite polarities.
Interestingly enough, one is from the 1980's and the other from the
2000's and both are popular today. Both melodies and words speak of
the fascinating aspects of love as seen through the eyes of young men.

In Eamon's song we hear the pain of rejection and ‘betrayal. And the
associated anger reaction. In F.R.David's song - almost a hymn - we hear
of the difficulties of expressing what is in our hearts when we are in love.
One presents us with failed expectations, the other with gentle hopes of

Herein lies two of the main problems of modern relationships:
expectations and acceptance. Both these aspects go to the roots of our
definitions of love, for so often our definition is dependant upon
expectations as opposed to acceptance. We have been conditioned to
expect that love is conditional and have diffficulty, therefore, to accept
when we are challenged to be unconditional in our lovingness.
Yet, this very ‘conditionality' is a denial of who and what we are.

Love sets no borders.
Love has no demands.
Love seeks only the fulfilment of itself.

When we love shall we allow others, other circumstances, to deny us the
fullest expression of ourselves? I'm talking about Love here, not needs...
for they are very different.

If you love with expectations, beware of disappointment.

If you love with acceptance, beware of the pain that this unconditionality
will bring to your consciousness - yet - celebrate the wonder of your spirit
that you can love so much, so large, so ‘outside your own borders'.

Only when you are willing to love unconditionally will you be able to see
the true glory, wonder, magnificence of love...and of yourself.

The melody of love within our spirit is always ringing
tones of lovingness through our emotions and consciousness,
no matter what the life circumstance

(this blog dedicated to K & N... with humble gratitude for their sharing)

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