Monday, April 18, 2005

A Record of Goodness
In the years before the war we used to go for an hour's walk
together every day of the week.
There was the evident simplicity of the man
There was the boyish good humour of the man

He was in all circumstances endlessly considerate for the
position and problems of others. And with all this it is still
difficult to say what made him so beloved, so simply accepted
on trust, by an endless number of people everywhere. One can
only say that it is itself a tribute to the decency of the mass of
the people everywhere who recognised and loved goodness
in a man above all other things.

Professor David Mitrany writing in The Guardian newspaper
(UK) on the occasion of the death 50 years ago today of
Albert Einstein

Einstein had said of Ghandhi's death that "generations to come
will scarce believe that one such as this, in the flesh, ever walked
upon this earth". Words that might have also been his own eulogy.

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