Sunday, June 26, 2005

The "SASF=O" Corollary.

"Human knowledge is doubling every 10 years. In the past
decade(1987-1997) more scientific knowledge has been
created than in all of human history"
(Dr. Michiu Kaku - 'Visions:How science will revolutionise the
21st century', New York,Anchor Books)

The International Geophysical Year (1958) saw the launch
of a satelliteas part of a cooperation between 67 nations in
a joint project concerning the earth. Such a project had never
happened before..and has not happened since...yet. The project
studied the earth and it's natural processes.

In our lifetime the genetic codes of human life itself have been,
to a large degree, unravelled and medical science stands on the
brink of a whole new age in terms of treatment and cures for illnesses
and diseases that have ravaged humanity for centuries.

In the space of just 2 decades, the computer has allowed us to
gather, store and have immediate access to unprecedented amounts
of knowledge on virtually every possible subject. Ask Google or Yahoo
or the other search engines about anything, and in seconds a mass of
information is available.

It is hardly suprising, therefore, that 'scientific analysis standards' are
being applied to spiritual matters. Hardly surprising that many young people
seek 'confirmed knowledge' data as opposed to philosophised or religious

Hardly surprising that so many people question the validity of their own
experiences unless and until a 'scientific proof model' is available to confirm
such validity.

Yet such a 'scientific proof model' is, at best, a 'general rule' concept.By nature
of it's 'catch all coverage' the intricacies of individualised experiencing dictate
exceptions to the rule. For example, Aspirin suits some people, but not all.
Some anti-biotics cure some illnesses, but not all. Some patients respond well
to the leading Aids treatment drugs,but not all. Some flowers grow in the shade,
but wither in the sunlight.

Your experiencing is unique to you. The interpretations of those experiences,
the understanding of them, is only for you to fully recognise. Only if you surrender
your responsibility to yourself can the 'scientific analysis norm standard'. or the
subjective experiences of another, be substituted for your self-awareness.

That's the SASF=O rule of existence.

Self Awareness + Self Fulfillment = One-ness.

(Corollary:a proposition that follows without need of seperate proof:Pocket Oxford

Humankind is passing from the age of discovery of knowledge into the age of the
application of knowledge in it's fullest and most beneficial meaning. From the age
of observing, to the age of creating.

One thing seems clear from all of this: we are indivisibly linked. We are One. The
ancients intuitively knew this. We are slowly (though more speedily in these last 50
years), through science, coming to accept this.

Their is only one logical, intuitive, humane, scientific outcome to this process.
The experience of One-ness as an indisputable fact, rather than as a belief system.
Yet, the beauty of this One-ness is in the requirement for each individualised atom to
be it's fullest self. When one is less, the whole is less.

When we discount or doubt our own experience, we diminish the beauty of the

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