Saturday, July 02, 2005

Dysfunctional Disintegration
In the continuing attempts of the 'old religions' to

maintain power and control, something easy to do
in the days of illiteracy and ignorance, all sorts of
contradictions arise to demean and devalue the
original core principals of those religions. The
religious 'leaders' are more responsible for the demise
of respect for those core principals than could ever be
attributed to any other cause.

Take, for example, the Catholic Church Paedophile
scandal. Or the 'free Christian Church's' in America,of
the south, whose espousal of racist ideas and sentiments
could even support the Klu Klux Klan during the last
century. Or the 'church's ' support of Apartheid

Or, today, an amazing double standard howls out
absurdity from India:"She had a physical relationship with
her father-in-law.It does not matter if it was consensual or
forced" Mohammad Masood Madani,Muslim cleric from a
highly influential Islamic centre.

A young married woman was forcibly raped by her
father-in-law. The religious ruling issued by the 'clerics'
instructs that she must marry the father-in-law!??!?!. He
has been arrested and is now in jail.

The natural extension of this fatwa concept argues with
the principles of equality enshrined in the Koran and the
Islamic faith....and makes a nonsense of fatwas in other
Islamic countries.

It seems,according to this ruling, it does not matter if
your faith in Islam, and therefore God, is consensual or forced.

Except, that is, to you and to the God you acknowledge.

These 'old religions' continue to implode and self-destruct
in their insatiable desire for control.

Dominance,manipulation and lack of respect are NOT
attributes of unconditional love.

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