Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Broken Promise of a great religion
"Brokeback Mountain is a film which has nothing positive
about it," said Dr Abdullah al-Amiri, a prominent member
of parliament in Sharjah emirate. "The portrayal of the
sexual behaviour of its main character [sic] is offensive
to eastern societies, particularly Muslims and the Arabs,
since Islam forbids abnormal behaviours like homosexuality
... The film will upset the people of this culture and tradition."
Qoted in the Guardian newspaper today.

The really interesting phrase for me is:
"Islam forbids abnormal behaviour"

Hmmmm... I guess beheadings, amputations
for theft, forced marriages, honour killings,
Sunni/Shia wars, female circumcision,
female rights repression, keeping the oil
money for yourself instead of using it in
society, absence of democratic rights,
the enslavement of whole generations/populations
........ am I really to believe that this i 'normal'
I think Islam is a much more loving and fair than

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