Friday, March 24, 2006

The dilemna of hypocrisy
"Afghanistan's constitution is based on Sharia law,
which is interpreted by many Muslims to require
that any Muslim who rejects Islam be sentenced
to death".

The key word in the above sentence is....

Interpretation is the action of making understandable
a language ,tradition or doctrine to those who are
not part of that 'kultur".

Since Christianity,Judaism,Islam all hold the doctrine
that 'there is but ONE God', it is somewhat amazing
that such 'interpetrations of One-ness' can lead to
others being put to death...not simply in the name
of a society...but in the name of ONE God.

In the x-ray-like light of 'unconditional love', such
offensive actions are interpreted,understood, to be
nothing to do with God - but everything to do with
man-made manipulative doctrines.

The doctrine of 'One God' fails and falls when actions
such as those above are carried out. If the courts of
Afghanistan execute a man for becoming a Christian,
i.e. choosing to honour the 'One God' via a different
dialect/tradition, then that court denies the doctrine of
the 'One-ness' of God. The court harms Islam more than
anything this one man has done.

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