Wednesday, March 29, 2006

One-ness contentment

One-ness is the acceptance of what is, of what already exists.
It is not some idealised religion or philosophy of what might be,
of what could be.
When you come into this acceptance of One-ness, you arrive
at a vantage point that has a completely different view of the
meaning and relevance of life and all the interactions that occur
within it.
Your own thoughts and actions have a relevance previously
denied and an importance previously ignored.
When we realise that we are an integral component of each
other, it impacts upon our relationships in the most positive
of all ways.
Truthfully, what we do to another we also do to ourselves.
The old adage of 'Do unto others' holds the corollary of 'doing
unto yourself", for that which we do unto others is a statement
of who we perceive 'our self' to be.
It is a statement,an energy, we emit that states the kind of
experience we chose to feel at any given moment in time.
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