Thursday, March 30, 2006

The price of progress - £50

Yesterday my new printer arrived - an Epson D68, very nice and very
nice (low) price (from Ordered and delivered
within 3 days by post.My 3 year old printer had been giving ink
cartridge problems. It got very frustrating.
In restrospect the frustration is a symptom of my/our incredible urge
for 'Great Expectations'. We often seem to forget just how amazing,
incredible,mind-blowing is the technology that is at our fingertips.
Hey, that is not to say we shouldn't keep expecting,for the drive of
human progress has done much to enhance the lives of so many and
inform the world where the lives of so many others was so
appalling,prompting international aid and response.
However, there is also nothing wrong - and maybe everything right -
with sometimes stepping back and viewing the amazing wonders with
which we surround our existence in this life's walk. We take so very
much for granted, huh?
Blogging,for example!  The power of mass communication extended to
every person with access to a pc and the internet. The opinions of the
individual circulated around the world and viewable by any who choose
to do so. This 'extended freedom' can be a counter-balance to
oppression/repression by 'greater' powers and systems - whether
governments, criminality or even religious organisations.
My new printer is amazing:colour,photo quality,high definition (5760 dpi),
low cost ink cartridges (now that's progress,hehehehe). It is just one of those
countless yet still truly incredible aspects of modern life.
Yet, if we listen to some and bury ourselves in ancient traditions or
un-progressed concepts/philosophies/religions we can have back the
 'good old days'. The answer to our fears for the future does not lie in
the false security of a dead past, rather it lies in setting aside our
fears in favour of full commitment to the adventure of life and life's
Hmmm... do you think I should print this out.........  :):)
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