Friday, April 07, 2006

By any other name

All actions have reactions, interactions.
All non-actions create reactions, interactions.
We are on the verge of a 'critical mass point' in human progress: the time is very near when we commit ourselves fully to the celebration of unconditional lovingness. Loving not simply our neighbour, but also finding ways to love our 'perceived' enemy, as ourself... unconditionally.
(As Gandhi once said "the only devils are those running around in our own heads".).
The more we progress towards the acceptance of 'what is', the acceptance of who we truly are in spiritual terms, the closer we come to materialising the fullest Paradise here on earth, expressing our lovingness in the abundance of health, peace and compassion.
The human race, thanks to the instancy of modern life, is wearying of the old polarised and
unloving concepts, religions and philosophies.
We stand on the very edge of an amazing and truly wonderful age in the history of humankind.
To be true to our destiny, we must be true to our name....kind humans :)
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