Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Playtime is over

What we appear to need in this modern world,is a mechanism for celebrating our differences.
We have already created more than enough methods for condemning our differences.
The question to ask of ourselves, is which of these attitudes holds the highest probability for peace, harmony, and self fulfillment ( the expression of lovingness)
It is time for us to come into the consciousness of unconditional love, for the 'toys with which science has gifted us' are far too dangerous for us to 'play at being purposeful' any longer.

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ablur said...

The trick is knowing when the differences are a benefit and when they are a curse.
Driving on the same side of the street is a benefit.
Speaking a common language is a benefit.
We could go on and on with issues that make better sense doing them the same.
We could also demonstrate areas where differences are of high value.
No uniform code will work.

Unconditional love is for those who are the same as well as those who are different.