Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Death of Islam

Shamil Basayev
He sits in front of a banner proclaiming in Arabic: “There is no God
but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet"
Justifying his attacks on civilian targets, he states: “We are at war
and we look at the reality, and not at whether the population has
weapons in their hands"
So spoke the man who claimed responsibility for the atrocity at the
school in BESLAN.
This is one of the men responsible for the death of ISLAM, see blog entry
Shamil Basayev died yesterday.
"Shamil and other brothers of ours became martyrs by the will of Allah,” said
a statement on a website claiming to be associated with the Basayev terrorists.
What, I wonder,in this warped religious fantasy is the
description given to ISLAM KHADIKOV.
If only we could devote as much energy to loving as we
seem able to devote to...sport?...hating?......rituals?
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