Thursday, February 12, 2009

As can clearly be seen by the mountains of commentaries and interpretations of 'ancient texts,books,writings', mankind clearly possesses a staggering ability to construct concept upon concept.

As these concept 'house of cards' structures evolve,pyramid-like in their organisation (usually with a poor-little-rich-man at the top who knows best in every circumstance) we begin to see a more refined and sophisticated ability to not only construct concepts, but to have concepts that by all reasonable standards actually contradict the original text/writings. This feat of intellectual gymnastics would normally be called 'lying' except for the very sad aspect that those involved have so totally convinced themselves it is a truth that retreat from this position is akin to total mental collapse/exhaustion.

To challenge the misrepresentations or misinterpretations is only to invoke a storm of indignant,often violent and certainly unjustified anger. Even allowing a margin that perceptions of truth can often be somewhat subjective, there are certain standards of truth which command respect. For example, it was Gandhi who once said "even if you are the minority of one, the truth is still the truth".Yet the context of this statement was a clearly demonstrable wrong that was being challenged in a lovingly peaceful non-violent way.

It is only to wait. Be patient.

Falsehood is a tree that grows which blossoms very quickly and whose fruits soon become a very heavy burden.

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