Sunday, February 08, 2009

Fragmented conceptualisation

It's an amazing age in which we live. You can travel the world and certain standard 'constants' are visible.A universal desire for peace, food, shelter, health is clearly visible

Also visible and audible are the sounds and sights of modern technological communications that give rise to what is euphemistically called 'multi-tasking'

Mobile phones,portable PC's,MP3 player,personal 'soundcentres' all are clearly apparent.

So an interesting article in Newsweek discusses the effect of these 'interruptive' episodes upon brain and cognitive function. You can read it here:

Perhaps this is why meditation techniques have grown in popularity and useage. Creative,inventive thought patterns require some 'quality time' for concentration.

Perhaps one reason that some people declare themselves unable to enter a state of One-ness is explained by the fact of a lack of a 'concentration centre' in their life.

Focusing on the wonders of One-ness is NOT to be removed from reality but rather it is to allow reality to absorb the self - uninterrupted.

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