Sunday, May 16, 2010

Signs of the times…

'There will be signs and portents…..". Somehow I don't think religious texts like this quite meant this:

1984 religion

Yep! That's correct. This is a genuine sign in New Mexico,USA. (there are more such signs via

Now the question is, is this advertising hype or a true statement of beliefs?.

It's pretty much the same in all sects and denominations and most religious institutions: most forcefully expressed belief systems are forcefully expressed because the expressers are trying to convince themselves.

Hey, if the sign was really – no, I mean really – an expression of true belief then Christ must have been turning a blind eye to a lot of the fraudulent and abusive activities of some institutions. But then it is perhaps unfair to try and truly discern matters of truth and faith within the actions of discredited religious institutions.

Now, what was it he said about 'you have turned my Father's house into a den for thieves and robbers…." or something like that, huh?

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