Sunday, June 27, 2010

convoluted consciences

The Vatican has stepped up its criticism of raids by Belgian police investigating alleged child sex abuse, calling the detention of priests "serious and unbelievable".  via

Ah, so the words 'serious and unbelievable' are known to the Vat.

They are words that the rest of us know and especially those victims of abuse whose trust and faith were abused in a serious and unbelievable way.

Righteous indignation by the Vat seems a little misplaced in this scenario and, worst, the Police actions demonstrate what the majority of us know – the Vat can no longer be trusted!

Why, oh why, must they continue to resist the inevitable – better to simply co-operate fully. Nobody blames the whole Catholic Church, or any church, for the wickedness of a few. However, responsibility for the continued cover-up and abuse of power has not been accepted. The Vat is in denial.

It's inability to be fully truthful is both 'serious and unbelievable'.

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