Saturday, July 03, 2010

'it's only words…..'


"It is of little consequence where the words come from, where the thoughts originate. Whether from some ancient text imbued with divine attributions, or from some 'other-worldly' guest in our consciousness. Whether from some perceived 'spiritual presence' or from the mouth of a child.

There can be little doubting that these unspoken words of love, motivations of compassion, punctuate our lives, they are the pause between our breaths.

To cease to heed them is to cease to breathe correctly. To not take notice is to degrade our importance and role in the life of the world and humanity.

The only, yes only, thing of consequence is to give ourselves permission to not only listen to the words of one-ness lovingness – but to allow ourselves the joy of the actions motivated by those words".


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