Monday, October 21, 2013

lotus blossom lovingness

It is true, there is much ugliness in this world. It is also true that there is even more lovingness in this world. Lovingness that transcends religions, nations, languages, traditions. 
Here I found a most wonderful catalogue of miracles, all strung together to help a little boy of 7 who refused to die when brutally, viciously attacked.
I am happy to say I was crying before I had finished reading/watching this story unfold.
So, I reach the conclusion that I have no right to be dismayed with any aspect of my life...and this true story shines into my darkness like a laser piercing my discontent.

I sincerely recommend that you check this out. It's just a wonderful, wonderful journey, from horror to hope to lovingness. It truly is amazing what we can achieve when we love and our hearts open like a lotus blossom,radiant with compassion and empathy.

Check it out here:

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