Monday, October 21, 2013

tradition or progress - it's all in the mind!

So you have doubtless heard about changing your life for the better, just by thinking about it, being more positive, etc. You've probably heard about the power of positive thinking or such things.
Maybe you wanted to believe it, but didn't.

So check this out. The train will change it's direction of travel just by you thinking it has!

So for all you folks that don't think traditions can be changed,
for all of you folks that give new life to old hatreds,
for all of you folks that are 'locked into one perception of God', 
it's important to realise


what you see is what YOU want to see

if you want to see hate,intolerance, judgement, cruelty

or if you want to see (and be)
LOVE, compassion, empathy

it's all YOUR choice!

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