Friday, November 09, 2001

Friday 9th November 2001 15-00 hrs
I have been asked to elaborate upon the words "but there is no hierarchy
of spirituality - this is called equality" written on 6th November in the blog
entitled "Coincidences". I am somehwat puzzled that an explanation of the
obvious is I will answer in this way:

In the book of Genesis (Jewish and Christian tradition) the FIRST covenant
made by 'God' to anyone upon earth...was to all peoples, all creatures, of the
earth. In that early writing there was no distinction or inequality.

Islam declares that all ("men") are equal before Allah.

To the best of my knowledge Siddharta Gautama,(himself a former Prince)
"the Buddha", in the Four Noble Truths and Eight Fold Path, made no
qualification as to 'rights or priviledges of office". These concepts were
available to all - equally.

In Hinduism there is/was the 'caste system'. Originally this was a
kind of "colour-bar" (the sanskrit for caste, varna, means colour)
imposed by the invading Aryans who conquered the indigenous
Dravidians in about 1500 BC. This was originally a self-defence
mechanism that evolved into a 'tradition''. Gandhi, whom I regard
as the 'Father of modern India" said that it were better that the Hindu
faith die rather than the 'caste system' continue... a very bold
statement from a very pious man. He himself renamed the 'untouchables'
(the lowest caste) as 'Harajan'..meaning 'children of God'.

All of these major religions speak of it being wrong to commit murder.
The blessed Mohhamed spoke strongly about this. The Buddha, in the
moral code the Five Precepts, listed the first as being " to abstain from
taking life", the Ten Commandments of the Judao-Christian tradition
"thou shalt not commit murder" and the Hindu faith teaches respect
and reverence for life in all it's forms. Equality of 'right to life'

In 'the Oneness' all are loved unconditionally, ergo equally. There are no
masters nor servants, masters nor disciples, Gurus nor followers, Priests
nor congregations. There is no spiritual hierarchy and whenever in history
one has developed it has always created a barrier to the full expression of
the 'lovingness'. For men are men, vanity is vanity, ego is ego.

Those who think themselves 'masters' should consider, for a moment, the
'gift of lovingness' they receive from their 'followers'. This is a cause for
humility, not pride....celebration not castigation.
There are those who, in their need, will say "ah, but I have been called to
lead/instruct/teach for humans are silly creatures and need discipline"
substitute "fools" for silly creatures and "control" for discipline and we get
more the reality of the fundamental thinking.Respectful, huh?

If all are aspects of the Oneness, expressions of the 'lovingness' then all, all
at all times are doing exactly that which is their fullest expression of who or
what they wish to be at any moment in time. We are 'creating machines' always
...and in all ways....expressing and exploring the limitlessness of the lovingness.

If we take notice of those 'coincidences', those 'surprises', listen to our feelings
we will always see the presence of the lovingness. We are just as incapable
of doing this in whatever 'role' we play in life....yet far more capable of doing
it than we dare to comprehend. In this we are all equal.

Nor do I, who write, dare to presume to think that I am 'teaching' you who read.
For I can say nothing that you do not already, spiritually, know. If you seize
on a phrase I write and call it 'a truth' (note, not THE truth)...then this is only
because you already hold this truth within you...if you did not, you could
not recognise it, huh? We could not remind ourselves of it, huh?

There is equality in all things within the 'lovingness', you know it.
Any true expression of 'the lovingness' in and through our aspected reality
contains respect, humility , LOVE. Each leads to the other and each is
inter-dependant. Equal. You know it.
As we are all, whatever colour, nationality, political persuasion, religious
tradition........we are all equal in the 'lovingness' of the 'Oneness'
Know it, don't you?

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