Tuesday, November 06, 2001

Tuesday 6th November 2001 13-00 hrs CET
You know it. It's happened to you so many times. You do
something, even think something, and within a short while
there comes another url (uncannily related linkage) from
out of the existence ether.

The first times it happens we tend to dismiss it as simply
'coincidences'. Then, when it keeps on happening, we
start to become suspicious - even paranoid (!) - imagining
some great control freak is exercising moves in a bizarre
game of life. The suspicion makes us angry for these
sublte fantasised manoeverings attack our sense of self and
independence evoking memories of childhood at school maybe
when the occasional teacher was a 'control freak'. Naturally
we didn't like the teacher! As a result we probably didn't like
the taught subject - hmmm - our 'emotional intelligence' was
developed as a protective mechanism first and foremost.

This anger/fight-or-flight mechanism is probably also
triggered strongly in our teen years, as we do the natural
and normal thing of self-assertion and self-recognition. This
is probably why so many enter their first power-play
disenchantment scenario with the 'organised religions' during
those teen years - the PR job done for *god* by so many
of these orgs closely resembles those 'control freak teachers', huh?

You know it. It's happened to you so many times. Even
when involved in some 'religious control scenario' you
knew, you had your feelings, that something wasn't
quite 'in balance' about the scenario - THEN - WHAM -
along came that 'coincidence' to reinforce your understanding
that it indeed was not 'in balance'. You know it, huh?
Remember, they said 'God is Love' and also said 'and God'll
beat the hell outa you if you don't behave in this way or that way'.
And you knew, deep inside you knew/understood that this
was an 'unbalanced God ' that these 'PR folk' were pushing.
You know it. It happened again, just as you thought "I'll
give this religion thing another try', -WHAM - along came
a 'coincidence', an invincible 'strong feeling rush' that caused
you to 'log off' the 'religion' chatboard! huh? Did you log off
or where you set up to be 'kicked', hehehehe.

You see, I strongly feel there are NO coincidences. Even every
leaf on a tree is unique. Every tree unique. Everything that is
not 'man-made' is unique. 5 billion folk=5 billion 'unique
perceptions of The Oneness'. 5 billion 'different religions'.
You know it. You sense it immediately, especially when the
indoctrination/propaganda/control machine starts to mess with
your spirit. Especially at such moments along come these
'coincidences'.Then, we are told, we should not listen to
this 'inner voice' because it is the voice of some fantasised
creature called 'the devil', hahahahahaha. The Chairman of
the Board of ControlFreaks.org, hahahahaha.

You know it. You know it because, in spiritual terms,
into this reality, this experiencing, knowing all,ALL, the
spiritual truths. Oh yeah, we have to learn the methodologies
of existing in this reality, the internet of interaction with the
'physical expression of the conceputalities' - but not the spiritual
truths. Those we all came here knowing. I can't tell you
anything you don't already know, sense. Maybe we can
'remind each other' now and then, but there is no hierarchy
of spirituality - this is called equality!

Reminders? Oh, yeah, that's where I came in, coincidences :)

Out of the ether yesterday I got an email - not from someone
who reads this blog (can you believe it, such people do exist,
hahaha). Yesterday I was talking about 'Ageism' especially
with reference to ageist segregation directed at the young in
our world. I talked about 'the world of respectful humility'.
POW. There in the email:

" Follow the three R's: Respect for self, respect for others,
responsibility for all your actions."

Words of a beautifully loving person, the Dalai-Lama from
his Thoughts for The Millenium book. A wonderfully humble

Now, ain't that a...uhmmm...er......coincidence?

And do you want to know something really weird? I could
never have thought that these words would have been sent
to me from the person, the physical person, who sent them.

There ain't no stopping the communication web of
"The Lovingness" that is an aspect of "The Oneness"
:). No Denial of Service attacks, netsplits or verbal
virusses stop this linkage, hahahahahaha

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