Friday, September 10, 2004


Georgy survived :)
That strained, troubled expressive faced little 10 year old
sitting in his neat white shirt and smart outfit at the feet of a terrorist in the gymnasium at Beslan. Though unbelievably close to a detonated explosive device, Georgy incredibly survived.That image which echoed around the world of this child, the first excerpt from the filmed sequence inside the gymnasium on the 1st day of the siege, was followed today by the image of a smiling safe, if injured, Georgy whose dignity in the face of such horrors spoke of a spirit that defied annihilation.

In his book "Conversations with God', Neal Donald Walsch speaks of a way to deal with tragedies, a way that is not exactly new - for Zen Masters and many Bhuddists adopt such a methodology. He (Walsch) says of such circumstances that we should ask of ourselves which aspect of our spirit do we wish to reveal, manifest, in this face of this circumstance.

In Georgy, as in so many of the good people of Beslan, we have seen the triumph of the human spirit meet the face of harsh and cruel adversity. Amazing acts of selflessness, of valour and bravery and of straightforward simple human compassion punctuate the grief of this town.

It is the 'grammar of godliness'.

In such terrible circumstances as these, and many other great tragedies that afflict so many corners of this earth, there appears a unity, a one-ness, an empathea, that is the voice of the human spirit singing it's true spiritual song.

It is this chorus that echoes through eternity and is a reminder of the infinity of Love, the indestructability of Love.

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