Tuesday, September 07, 2004

This blog extract below was originally written on 16th September 2001
in response to the events at The World Trade Centre in New York.
I guess for the people of Beslan, School nr 1 is kind of their WTC.
Heroism by individuals was clearly shown, sacrifice of self in service
clearly evident. The horror of it all clearly and starkly apparent...
in the ghosted faces of the survivors, in the inexpressably pained faces
of the townspeople, in the aching void deep within that all of us feel
as we are confronted by this merciless, unimaginable circumstance

"The silence of grief
Occasionally in our lives we meet circumstances that so overwhelm our
senses that we are directed into the silence, we walk, as it were, into
a noneness - a no-consciousness.

This past week has been such a time. Not for everyone, for there are
many many who have had little time for the introspective calmness
of loss, they have been too busy trying to rescue...they have set
aside themselves in supremacy of service motivated by astounding
compassion. Their satsang of silent grieving is yet to come, postponed
for the 'now' in the cause of serving their fellow humanbeings.

For almost all of us the need to make comment, to vocalise our
lovingness, was both immediate and urgent. People from all
over the world uniting in a common bond of horror and loss.

It was a time for silence, for observing, for
watching the outpouring of love and compassion that has
been the circumstance, worldwide, in these past days.

Former bitter enemies offering help, allies standing together,
ordinary folks (like me) communicating lovingness in all it's
wonderfully gracious diverse forms.

It has been a time for silence. The silence of that
unrealised hope guiding us into an even deeper silence
within ourselves.

In that silence the voice of LOVE, the tones of togetherness,
have been whispering gently in our existing:

"The best of humanity always overcomes the worst.....always."

Stop! Look! Listen! "

This is not a silence of emptiness. Nor is it a silence of shock.
It is the silence that allows the spirit to communicate, to transmit
love, care, compassion. For Love knows no boundaries:time, space,
physical form - all, ALL are transcended by love.

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