Saturday, September 11, 2004

Expressions of uniqueness

52% of the land mass that is Sweden (where I now live) is covered by forest,
or so I understand. Along my pathway of self-knowingness, life presented me
with a sense of isolation within one of these forests, for quite some years.
Accordingly I used to spend many, many hours simply sitting and being
absorbed by the beauty of the surroundings in which I now found myself.
Indeed, it was the hermit-like solitude that allowed me to 'find myself',
an opportunity I had previously denied myself with all my seeking, busy
expressioning of who I thought I was (a synonym, generally, for who we
think other people think we are!)

After quite a long period of time, I started to recognise that I couldn't see
two trees that were the same. Over time I investigated more thoroughly and
was amazed to discover that it was hard to find even two leaves on a tree that
looked the same - when I thought I could find two the same I realised that
they hung in different places on the tree and,therefore, sensed the sun,
the wind, the rain,- their presence in this world - differently.

It slowly dawned on me just how incredibly unique is every single thing in
nature. Never the same sky, never the same clouds, never the same...anything.

This for even the blades of grass that comprise my lawns.

Quote: "When a mind is stretched by a new idea, it never goes back to its
original dimensions." source - Unknown"

How much more so, then,for each and every human being whose spirit
explores in this life's walk all the infinite possibilities of the
expressions of lovingness that constitute the 'One-ness'?

Quote: "The saddest places on earth are graveyards. Not because people are
buried there, but because dreams, talents and purposes that never came to
fruition are buried there. Graveyards are filled with books that were never
written, songs that were never sung, words that were never spoken, things
that were never done.

You have talents and gifts that no one else can offer. There are things you
can do that no one else is capable of doing quite the way you can do them.
Don’t rob this earth of your purpose by taking it to the grave with you.
You see, we all have a purpose, a reason for living, breathing and existing.
We all have unique talents and gifts that were created and given to us to be
shared. Our task is to understand this and figure out what is our purpose."
Mark Victor Hansen

This is the deepest recognition in events like Beslan and WTC (amongst many
others). We have all, all of us, been denied the experience of fully knowing
all those children and adults whose life-presence was stolen from us. Or,
just maybe, our attention has become focused more sharply upon them...and
we have started to understand the wonderful uniqueness and preciosness of
each one. There is also a manifestation of the unity (One-ness) of us all
when we see the world-wide 'togetherness' and empathea that events like
Beslan evoke.

The presence of each one of us is a present to the world, a precious gift.
The challenge of inter-dependence is to recognise the preciousness of each
of these unique presents, is it not? To understand the significance of it.

When we can once grasp this reality our minds and our emotions can never
return to their original dimensions.

One-ness is not a belief system. Not a chosen course of philosophised
comprehension. Not a religious doctrine. One-ness is what is. It is the
reality of existing in this world. The reality of infinite multi-dimensional
lovingness. The multi-stringed dna stranded reality of life.

Losing any part of it is losing a part of ourselves.

Quote: "You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it
within himself." -- Galileo

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