Tuesday, September 04, 2001

4th September 2001
The hectic beautiful summer is now over, our home having been blessed with the company of innumerable visitors, precious friends, beloved family and many
other guests...all of whom have found pleasure and peace in the beauty and wonder of this place. All of whom, without exception, have bestowed a benediction of belonging upon us.
The autumn richness has painted the landscape in oppulent, luxuriosly deep, tones which are complimented by the amazing variety of cloud and sky formations that are the symbols of nature's preparations for the coming winter. Already storms have tensioned the trees and vegetation, given advanced warning of the coming loss.
Leaves have started to yawn yellow and doubtless the sap is slowing it's metabolism ready for the iced snow slumbering. There's a chill carrying on the wind on the days when the sun plays hide and seek with the blue grey cumulus congregations, occasionally surrendering supremacy for energy charged milliseconds of awseome natural power and drum rolls that echo incessantly amidst the hills, forests and surface stirred lakes.

It's the period of increasing darkness and therefore is the time for practising 'hibernation' within the cave of my computer and the apparent infinity of the
internet. Thus, the blog restarts and a new website, v 3.01, is born - it will shortly leave the maternity ward.

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