Friday, September 07, 2001

Friday 7th September 2001 19-30 CET
The forecast said cloudy and probably, almost certainly, rain.
So we had one or two clouds now and then, and beautiful sunshine.
Still, it must be a tough job trying to predict the subleties of nature,
after all we have a hard enough job trying to do that with people we
live with or know very well....imagine trying to do it with clouds....
even if you have looked at them from both sides now :):)

Oh, I forgot to mention, that two nights ago I rented a video, I do
so a couple of times a month as I do not have (nor do I want anymore)
relevision. Good story, brilliant acting...."Finding Forrester'... was the title.
Sean Connery (from whom I have never yet seen a disappointing movie)
and a young guy Rob Brown. Both are incredible and within minutes you
have lost the feeling of being at a movie, you are a part of their lives. Here's
what the official website says about Rob Brown:

ROB BROWN (Jamal Wallace) was born in Harlem and raised in Brooklyn,
New York. A natural who never studied acting and who has no professional
acting experience, he makes his acting and motion picture debut in Finding Forrester.

Rob celebrated his 16th birthday just before the start of production.
He is in his junior year of high school, where he is a talented athlete who
plays basketball and football.

and here's the official website if you want to look:

Occasionally, even in the tranquility of this place in Sweden.....I (a little like Forrester)
venture out into the big world......hehehehehehehe
Hey, if you get a chance, don't miss this's amazing for it's exploration
of differing prejudices and for the integrity with which they are overcome.

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