Saturday, September 08, 2001

Saturday 8th September 2001 10-45 am CET
OOOps, it's a grotty start to my day today. I feel like I have just finished
fighting with a Centurion tank! So I am slow this morning not exactly being
encouraged by grey skies and rain.
I often take a visit to and take a 'transformation' meditation
card reading. These I find most helpful in helping me create a 'mind view'
for the day. I am not exactly a devotee of Osho, like many spiritual leaders
I find there is something, now and then, in what they say - or even the
way they say it - which serves as a reminder, a 'refresher'.
Today's reading was entitled 'Atisha's heart medicine' and here's an excerpt
which I trust I may republish having quoted source:
"Atisha's method is just the opposite: when
you breathe in, breathe in all the misery and suffering of all the beings
of the world--past, present and future. And when you breathe out,
breathe out all the joy that you have, all the blissfulness that you have,
all the benediction that you have. Breathe out, pour yourself into
existence. This is the method of compassion: drink in all the suffering
and pour out all the blessings".
That reminded me of childhood and belief-systems that existed
within my family circle....for it reminded me of the old adage/song
'count your blessings, name them one by one'.
So, instead of being in the queue at the complaints department
of God's Creation Industry,inc....... I felt better being in the choir
attempting to count the innumerable blessings of this existing

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