Thursday, September 06, 2001

Love's Independence 6 th September 2001 12-20 CET
It is in the missing that you find what you seek, re-discover what is important to you.The 'frustration' of seperation concentrates, crystalizes, the emotions so that focus is sharpened, awareness accentuated, and that which you seek is found where it always resided... ...deep within yourself.

Is there someone's touch you miss? Examine,then, exactly what characteristics are involved and you will soon discover that all these attributes are your perceptions, your stimulated senses, your emotions, your own reactions to that touch which
you now feel you are missing. It is only possible to 'miss' that which is the stimulative beginning of your own reactivity and participation. Yet, how could you 'miss' something you have never experienced? If experienced, then it is remembered, huh?

Apply this concept to love: you will soon observe that that which you most love about another is their ability/gift to shake your own consciousness into the
awareness of itself. So it is that love can transcend time and distance- for do you cease to love when the recipient of your lovingness is not in the seme room, house or even country?

Your love clearly exists independently and is not reliant upon another's proximity. Only if, or when, you accept the supposed 'finality' of death, only then do you
cease to love....huh?...and this statement, as you probably have already experienced, is not a truism! Even after the 'event of death' we still can love,
do love. Though the 'remembered habit of physical companionship' may fade over time, we still persist in loving - and seem aware of being loved - way beyond
the 'final barrier of death'.

If our love were truly dependent upon another it could probably never survive in such a climate of imperfections and apparent contradictions.

As I have previously written, " Love is YOU when you can find in another the reasons (motivations) to express your lovingness."

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