Wednesday, September 05, 2001

5th September 09-58 CET
Not one. Cannot see one anywhere. Not a single cloud in a dedazzling blue sky and masses of dancing sunbeams
filtering through the tall birch trees that overlook the lake.
The lake is alive with so many dazzling light reflections it's like a major motorway with a ten mile slow crawl tailback of flashing impatience. Only it's quiet. It's got a rhythm that is stressless and therapeutic.
The sunlight xrays the greens and fading colours adding a
skeletal transluscence that simply amplifies the wonderful, individual structure of each leaf.
There is hardly a breath of wind as bees and other flying insects...especially dragonflies....busy themselves around the morning moisture droplets that glisten with grandeur on many leaftops.
It's a beautiful morning. An inspiring morning.
It's so amazing if we simply take a few quiet minutes to look really see.....

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